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Become a Prong affiliate re-seller with no downside risk 

Prongs are really taking off. If you are in a business  selling to the gardening industry here is a way without buying stock that may fit into your plans.  
Prongs are patented and trademarked by The Prong Company. You deal with the owner. 

Here is how affiliate marketing works.

If after reading this you wish to chat then call me on 0417627097

There are no fees - or licences involved- no stock to buy 

  • To be an affiliate you must have a commercial website that sells products and services related to gardening - landscaping- farming - trades. I will of course discuss other ideas you may have. 

  • You upload Prong details on to your website and we provide code for the provision of a PayPal button to your website. 

  • You promote The Prongs in accordance with our claims. In effect you must at all times make legal claims about The Prongs. We provide text-videos-photography (if you wish) There are no fees for this collateral. 

  • The Prices are set by us. 

  • A reader of your website decides to buy. The order comes to us-we fullfill the order and ship to customer. 

  • Sales are copied to you and subject to any scrutiny you may want. 

  • A  generous bonus is paid to you. You do not have to buy any stock but you must demonstrate that you have an audience of customers. We never want access to your database or IT infrastructure.  

  • If you are interested in learning more then call me 0417627097. This is only available in Australia. At some stage references would be required. 

  • Peter Nicol (Managing Director) 

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