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PRI Long Prong Yellow

Details Here 


PRI Son Prong Blue

Details Here

PRI Lady Prong 

Details Here 

Click either images above here to be taken to the page relevant to each model and pricing 

Prongs are an Australian invention and are made to exacting standards by the Kylin Company in Quindao China. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and many thousands have been sold in Australia before entering the US market. Should you elect to buy there is a PINK BUTTON that will take you to the Kylin Amazon Shop and from there you will be able to purchase in US dollars and have access to the Amazon distribution system. Discounts for multiple purchases are given in the shopping basket. Thank you 

Ladies and Gents Digger 3 Models Suit All Ages

The Prong Garden Tool 

Patented© The Prong Company Pty Ltd

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