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Ross Thomas purchased a Long Prong online from me. I asked if he liked it would he send me a bit about his experience with it. Below are his comments in full. I have never met Ross he has his business in North Queensland but having a look on his website shows he is one very clever man indeed. Click on his logo and it takes you to his website.

"Hi Peter.

I hope all is progressing well with your Prong enterprise.

I have had my Long Prong for a couple of weeks now and have used it several times on the job, so I thought you might be interested in seeing this recent pic I took of it in action. I needed to lift some old timber sleepers and dig some palm roots and my shovel was hopeless. Long Prong did the trick nicely in tandem with my bobcat. Much easier than the crowbar I would normally use too. Most guys who see the prong ask about it so I'm suggesting they hit your website.



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